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Welcome to Serengeti Clarity: Your Gateway to Unforgettable Adventures

At Serengeti Clarity, we redefine travel, offering an array of enriching experiences that transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re an adventurous soul, a family seeking bonding moments, a wildlife enthusiast, or someone eager to immerse in diverse cultures, our tailored offerings promise to make your journey truly exceptional.

Our Story

Embark on a journey with Serengeti Clarity, where each experience narrates a story of profound connections—with the mesmerizing wildlife, the captivating landscapes, and the vibrant communities of Tanzania and Kenya. Our unique selling proposition lies in curating journeys that go beyond the conventional, inviting you to slow down, absorb the beauty of the wilderness, and connect with the heart of Africa.

Explore Our Adventures


Navigate the wild terrains in style with our 4x4 Jeep Safaris, promising up-close encounters with the majestic wildlife.​

Mountain Climbing

Conquer new heights as you scale iconic peaks, offering breathtaking vistas and unmatched thrills

Beach Holidays

Unwind and rejuvenate on pristine beaches, combining relaxation with the thrill of coastal exploration.

Cultural Immersions

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local cultures, creating memories that resonate with authenticity.

Tailored Experiences

We understand that every traveler is unique. Our commitment to customization ensures that your adventure aligns seamlessly with your preferences. Personalized safari packages await, promising an itinerary crafted around your desires and interests.

Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond providing extraordinary adventures, Serengeti Clarity is dedicated to preserving the environment. We discourage the use of disposable items, opting for sustainable practices during our mountain climbs.

Discover Our Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Reusable Hampers: Enjoy hot lunches served in reusable hampers, minimizing waste during your mountain climb. Water Bottle Refills: Stay hydrated with our commitment to refillable water bottles, reducing single-use plastic.

Meet Our Team



Director of Serengeti Clarity

Tech enthusiast with BSc in Information Systems and a Tour Operation certificate, leading
Serengeti Clarity to craft exceptional safaris in Tanzania and Kenya.


Peter Jonathan

Sales and Safari Expert at Serengeti Clarity

A tourism graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a veterinary diploma, Peter leads sales and safari expertise at Serengeti Clarity. Crafting memorable experiences in Tanzania and Kenya


Bathili Nanagi

Serengeti Clarity Representative in Hungary
A tourism graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a veterinary diploma, Bathili serves as Serengeti Clarity’s representative in Hungary.

Davis Kalemera

Serengeti Clarity Town Tour Guide

With a Certificate in Tour Guiding, Davis serves as the town tour guide for Serengeti Clarity.
His extensive knowledge ensures you discover Arusha inside out.

Serengeti clarity staff

Mohamed Abebe

Chauffeur for Serengeti Clarity

With a Certificate in Tour Guiding, Mohammed excels in airport services for Serengeti
Clarity. His passion and extensive knowledge make him your ideal guide in Arusha.

serengeti clarity staff

Mathew Darema

Professional Mountain Guide

Meet Mathew, our experienced mountain guide and chauffeur, with over 150 successful Kilimanjaro climbs. His wealth of knowledge about mountains and the city, combined with his humorous personality, makes him the perfect companion for any adventure. 

serenget clarity guide


Professional Safari Guide
Emmanuel is a dedicated professional at Serengeti Clarity, a certified tour operator in Tanzania. Known for his passion, clients adore his exceptional guiding on safari adventures.
Serengeti Clarity Staff

John Mgonja

Professional Tour Guide
With a bachelor’s degree in Tour Guiding and the prestigious title of Best Tour Guide in 2017/2018, Mgonja brings exceptional knowledge and passion to his work
serengeti clarity staff

Adriel Kaka

Professional Tour Guide

Adriel, our esteemed safari guide, brings a wealth of knowledge in wildlife and mobile photography to every expedition. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the beauty of nature, Adriel ensures each safari is an unforgettable experience


Issa Wafo

Professional Safari Guide

Meet Issa Wafo, our experienced guide, renowned for his expertise and extensive training in flora and fauna. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Issa is not only knowledgeable but also courageous, ensuring every safari adventure is filled with excitement and discovery. With Issa leading the way, you’ll be captivated by every moment, ensuring an unforgettable experience you’ll cherish forever.

Safari guide serengeti clarity

Waziri Bakari

Professional Tour Guide

Meet Waziri, our seasoned safari guide with an abundance of tenderness and expertise. With over three decades of experience in the safari industry since the 1990s, Waziri’s wealth of knowledge is unmatched. His passion for his field work is evident in the countless tales and memories he shares with every expedition. Prepare to be captivated by Waziri’s stories and enriched by his profound understanding of the wilderness. You’re sure to adore him!

safari guide Serengeti Clarity

Adam Mohammed

City Tour Guide

Meet Adam, a professional guide with a unique flair. Beyond his expertise in guiding, Adam is also a talented gymnast with a passion for his city, Arusha. He has participated in numerous street hip-hop contests, showcasing his love for the vibrant culture of the streets. With Adam as your guide, you’ll not only explore the city inside out but also experience its dynamic energy and rhythm like never before.

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Discover the magic of Serengeti Clarity through the eyes of our satisfied travelers

bent C
bent C
Thank you Serengeti Clarity! Our tour with Serengeti Clarity went on fantastic to amazing!!! We saw almost all the animals and animal's activities we came for, from Cheetah's hunting, Vulture's scavenging carcass, wilderbeests's crossing river... We had the pleasure to have one of the best guides in Africa - Wazeer. Wazeer was a knowledgeable and quick reaction guide, his 20 years experience as a guide really live up to his reputation. Thanks to him as our driver/guide, so many things we learn from him and so many off beaten route we saw during our visit - truly down to earth Tanzanian life. Even until today (we were back in our home land), my kids still talk about Wazeer. I recommend this experience to anyone who is looking into it. Thank you Serengeti Clarity and our driver/guide - Wazeer, for everything.
Terry C
Terry C
Outstanding Tanzania Safari with Serengeti Clarity We loved our Tanzania Safari with Serengeti Clarity!! When you have the best guide in Wazeerbakar77’s!! Wazeer met us at the border and helped us through and then headed to Serengeti for some fantastic game drives. This man nicknamed the “Professor” was great. He gave us so much information on the animals, his country, his family, the trees and landscape. He drove great and safe and always seemed to position the vehicle in the perfect spot for our pictures. He also had great suggestions for pictures and videos. The lions, elephants, hippos and all the animal pictures turned out great. We drove with him and usually ate with him so we really got to know him, his background, and about his family. What started as a business deal turned into friendship that will last our entire lives. We can’t recommend him or the company enough. We visited Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire before bringing us through the border again. The safari is amazing as is Serengeti Clarity but what makes it outstanding is having a guide like Wazeer!!
Pjn P
Pjn P
Photo safari in Tanzania Amazing experience!One of a kind Adrian our driver was a warrior and super talented in finding the perfect spots for our professional photography sessions!Many thanks and congratulations for your help and knowledge to Frank ✌️
Nada M
Nada M
Well-planned down to the last heart-warming detail! The first time we contacted the team at Serengeti Clarity, we knew this was the operator we were going to choose. The itinerary was stellar from the get-go, but their flexibility in accommodating our needs was truly exceptional. All the accommodations were luxurious, the car in excellent condition, not to mention the yummy food throughout the trip. Our guide Adrian made the experience unique; and the team including Frank were always accessible to us. Thank you for a truly unforgettable anniversary safari experience!
Anna B
Anna B
Great experience We were picked up from Kilimanjaro airport and taken to Chemka Hot Springs. The second day we went to safari to Arusha National Park and the third day we went to Tarangire National Park after which we were taken to the airport. It was very easy to organise a personalised trip with Serengeti Clarity and the communication with Frank was flawless. We were reassured on every step and helped with the itinerary. Our drivers were Mohammed and Isa and they were outmost friendly.
Kristina D
Kristina D
An amazing safari in Tanzania Our family's safari experience with Serengeti Clarity was nothing short of extraordinary. With the aim of showcasing the wonders of safari and unspoiled nature to our kids, we carefully selected a tour operator. Frank Muta, from Serengeti Clarity, surpassed our expectations, crafting an incredible trip at short notice. Witnessing the great migration of zebras and wildebeests, cheetahs, lions and leopards, giraffes and buffalos was awe-inspiring. Our guide, Mgonja, added immense value with his profound knowledge and informative facts about all the animals and birds we encountered. He also told us about the country and its history, so it was a truly insightful trip. Throughout the planning stage, Frank's responsiveness and willingness to address our questions and refine the program and accommodations were commendable. Our time in Tanzania was not just a trip; it was an amazing and unforgettable adventure. Serengeti Clarity truly delivered on the promise of a remarkable safari experience for our family.
elirehema n
elirehema n
11-Days safari and beach holydays We just got back from our incredible trip. We did a trip to Tarangire, 2 days at Serengeti, and Ngorogoro, staying in lodging at amazing places along the way, such as overlooking Lake Manyara. We then added on the 5 day Zanzibar extension after safari. We are from USA so I was a bit hesitant at first using a African local company—just worried about logistics and communication. Trip was well organized, accommodations were fantastic, each one better as we went through the trip. I found communication with Serengeti clarity to be very clear and everything we needed starting with Frank who helped us book. But the star for me was Abduliaziz, our driver and guide on safari. He was so knowledgeable but most importantly he was a great human being. Twice during our travels he stopped to help other drivers having issues with their vehicles. He is very resourceful and smart and was able to think on his feet. I was so impressed with his skills and can’t recommend him highly enough!
Elisa, Finland
Elisa, Finland
Well organized and personalized experience Amazing experience! Small details added a lot (wine, Wi-Fi possibility) and our accommodation was excellent. Our guide made sure We saw all the animals buthe couldnt taken a bit more initiative with conversation. There is a lot of driving but the open roof and views make you forget it.
Highly recommended local tour company: go local, support sustainability The company was recommended by Safaris by Ella and now I highly recommend Serengeti clarity company for your next safari trip in Tanzania. I travelled with them solo during my recent Tanzania trip. Frank and Peter, highly supportive and willing to do everything to make your once-in-a-lifetime experience truly unforgettable. I went on a day hike to Kilimanjaro National Park from Arusha, and then took a three days trip in Serengeti and Ngorongoro including a balloon safari. They were supportive to provide me with any information or support immediately as I requested for, although they only provide private tour they still connected me with a group to Serengeti and Ngorongoro. for the Kilimanjaro hike, It was supposed to be a group tour, but even though they could not gather more people, they gave me a private tour which was highly appreciative. When the weather wasn’t favourable they waited an hour at roadside near airport for a better view of Mt Kilimanjaro. they arranged for me necessary equipment - a Wi-Fi device and a torch for the camping trip to Serengeti When I said I didn’t have any and didn’t charge me for those. every morning and evening they checked in how I was doing and how everything was going. at the end of the trip I was no longer a stranger, but FnF to these awesome people, learned Swahili, and they offered every cultural exchange possible during interactions. at the end of the trip even presented me a T-shirt and A Masai Shuka. It felt like I did not connect with a company, but made a lifelong connection to Tanzania. ask for Matthew as your guide who is an award winner tour guide in Tanzania and the exceptional hospitality knowledge and support he provides made it evident why he won that award. Choose Serengeti clarity - a locally operated company. contact them directly. I know you won’t be disappointed - they will customise your trip to your budget and taste. Of course I will plan another tour in Tanzania with them if I visit the country again.
Ella M
Ella M
Incredible Safari! We had a fantastic 3 day safari with Serengeti Clarity! Frank was incredibly professional and friendly and went above and beyond to meet our requests. Our driver guide was also very friendly and knowledgable. We saw everything we hoped to see on our safari and more! The highlight for me was meeting the Hadzabe tribe - it was such a unique and unforgettable experience.

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