At Serengeti Clarity we accept cards payments

We have partnered with PesaPal, a secure and reliable payment solutions provider to process our payments at Serengeti Clarity.

Please click the link to make the payments through PesaPal:

Using a credit card for payment offers the quickest and most convenient method. However, please note that this payment method includes a 3.5% bank surcharge in addition to the original amount.

Questions you may have about our payment method

Why is there a 3.5% charge?
The 3.5% charge covers bank fees in Tanzania, not imposed by Serengeti Clarity.

Why should I use a credit card?
Credit card payments are quick and enable immediate confirmation of reservations. There’s a 3.5% bank charge, but no hidden costs.

How can I confirm my payment?
After entering your details on the secure website, you’ll receive an online approval and receipt. Please email us the receipt for booking confirmation.

What if my transaction fails?
If your transaction fails, contact your bank to authorize payments to Tanzania. Banks sometimes flag transactions in such countries as potentially fraudulent. Just inform your bank and try again.