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two elephants walking on grass covered ground

You will embark and dive into clear waters to swim with dolphins and turtles, bask...

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brown tree on surrounded by brown grass during golden hour

This 6-day safari tour gives you a chance to witness the Big Five and other...

7 Days
$2700 $2550
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black and white giraffe on brown grass field

Beach & Safari; Get Enjoy Zanzibar trip to see the island from all sides! This...

10 Days
$1700 $1300

This 8 day takes you around the famous north circuit parks, Serengeti (for 4 days)...

8 Days
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herd of elephant drinking water from lake

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through Tanzania, venturing off the traditional routes with this dynamic...

6 Days
$1500 $1300
7% Off
brown leopard on top of grey rock

This is a budget tour taking you through Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and lake Manyara. this...

7 Days
$3000 $2800
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At Serengeti Clarity,our passion lies in creating profound connectionsβ€”with the captivating wildlife, the enchanting land, and the vibrant people of Tanzania.

Beyond the rush of animal sightings, we invite you to embrace a richer experience. Slow down, absorb the beauty of the wilderness, and connect with the heart of Africa. This holistic journey promises rewards that go beyond expectations, offering an infinitely fulfilling adventure.

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Discover the magic of Serengeti Clarity through the eyes of our satisfied travelers

Takis PapayiannisTakis Papayiannis
08:26 27 Mar 24
Amazing experience great crew, great adventure worth doing it hundred times. Our guide Adrian made the impossible possible finding all the right spots so we can witness all the big five and make the best photos ever.being at the Savannah is something extraordinary and I can’t wait for my next expedition to the wild.. Frank organized Perfection And we’re very grateful for the unique time we had!. Adrian You are the real lion of the Savannah. Thanks man. See you soon.✌️🙏🏻
Rui KotaniRui Kotani
09:10 20 Mar 24
We had an incredible 8-day private family safari tour with Serengeti Charity during our recent Tanzania trip. We chose this locally operated company, based on the recommendation from Safaris by Ella, who also gave us extremely useful advice along the way. While we travelled as a family of 4 including a 6-year old girl and a 7-year old girl, we felt very safe and well taken care of throughout the time.As we were on a rather tight budget, Frank gave us a generous discount to make our trip more affordable. On the first day during Arusha city tour, Peter also gave us a great cost-saving tip: buying beers and soft drinks in Arusha to take them with us on the safari tour (as such drinks are subject to extra charge at hotel restaurants). Peter also let me choose a payment method of my preference so that I could make a bank transfer, instead of a credit card payment with a high service charge.We are extremely lucky to have Mr. Isa Akyoo, our main safari guide, who took us to a 6-day safari tour to Tarangire National Park, South Serengeti (Ndutu), Ngorongoro Crater, Manyara National Park as well as visits to Masai, Datoga and Hazabe tribes. Isa is diligent, honest, flexible and very attentive to our needs on top of being a very safe driver. We saw a lot of family lions in the calving season---a mother with 3 little children and three brother lions by a river plus a mother and a baby in the bush. An unforgettable moment in Serengeti was when our car was literally surrounded by huge herds of wild beasts who moved spontaneously. We also got so close to handsome cheetahs, an acrobatic giraffe family, a hyena scavenging a wildebeest while vultures trying to snatch a piece of it, elephants crossing a road in front of us out of a jungle and many other animals. With a wealth of over 20 years of experience, Isa shared his knowledge about a variety of birds, plants and trees, local climate change impacts yielding relocation policy with local resistance and historical and agricultural backgrounds of towns we drove through. Isa also supported our cultural guide, Sam, with English translation during our very fun and interesting cultural tours with Datoga and Hazabe. When I asked what was the most memorable part of our Tanzania trip, my younger daughter answered without any hesitation, "Isa."Our guide to Arusha city and to Materuni Waterfalls/Chemka hot spring, Mohamed, was also a gentle, sincere and hard working man. Despite unexpected traffic jams and road blockages (due to a city marathon), Mohammed made sure we made the most out of the experience and ensured that we got back to the airport in time for our departure flights. These earnest local guides, Isa and Mohameed, make Serengeti Clarity extra special. Thank you all for the unforgettable experience in Tanzania!!
Fabio CamposFabio Campos
13:20 09 Mar 24
We had an incredible experience with Serengeti Clarity. It was a pleasure working with Frank and his team, They ensured we had an amazing experience, big big thanks for your drive Kevin.We were fortunate enough to witness the Big 5, and I must say, thanks to our exceptional drive Kevin. Was your first time doing safari and we love it, great experience.
bent ChinLeongbent ChinLeong
07:43 02 Mar 24
Our tour with Serengeti Clarity went on fantastic to amazing!!! We saw almost all the animals and animal's activities we came for, from Cheetah's hunting, Vulture's scavenging carcass, wilderbeests's crossing river...We had the pleasure to have one of the best guides in Africa - Wazeer. Wazeer was a knowledgeable and quick reaction guide, his 20 years experience as a guide really live up to his reputation. Thanks to him as our driver/guide, so many things we learn from him and so many off beaten route we saw during our visit - truly down to earth Tanzanian life.Even until today (we were back in our home land), my kids still talk about Wazeer.I recommend this experience to anyone who is looking into it.Thank you Serengeti Clarity and our driver/guide - Wazeer, for everything.
Nada AlsaeedNada Alsaeed
08:10 26 Feb 24
The first time we contacted the team at Serengeti Clarity, we knew this was the operator we were going to choose. The itinerary was stellar from the get-go, but their flexibility in accommodating our needs was truly exceptional. All the accommodations were luxurious, the car in excellent condition, not to mention the yummy food throughout the trip. Our guide Adrian made the experience unique; and the team including Frank were always accessible to us.Thank you for a truly unforgettable anniversary safari experience!
Malki HassanMalki Hassan
11:15 03 Jan 24
Unforgettable Safari Adventure with Serengeti Clarity!Our October tour with Serengeti Clarity was exceptional from start to finish. Communication was seamless and prompt, with Frank overseeing all organizational aspects. The transfer from Arusha Airport and our night's stay in Arusha were flawlessly arranged.The 5-day safari covering Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater was a truly unique experience. Emmanuel, our guide, showcased extensive experience, professionalism, and an impressive ability to answer all our questions. The distinctive camps, coupled with a chef's expertise, ensured consistently delicious meals throughout our journey.I wholeheartedly recommend a tour with Serengeti Clarity; it undeniably provided an unforgettable experience for me.

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