Lemosho Route – 9 Days

9 Days


The 7-day Mount Kilimanjaro expedition via the Lemosho Route commences in Moshi, winding its way towards the mountain through lush forests and expansive moorlands from the west. The journey encompasses the exploration of the Shira volcano’s caldera, traversing the distinctive rock formations of the plateau, and meandering beneath the Southern ice fields of Kibo.

For the ultimate climb to Uhuru Peak, the Barafu Route is chosen, offering mesmerizing views of Kibo illuminated by the sharp morning and early evening light. This meticulously planned route and itinerary provide ample time for acclimatization. Moreover, it presents a unique opportunity to witness the uncommon spectacle of the Montane Forest on Kilimanjaro.

Distinguished by its lesser-known status, the Lemosho Route allows participants to savor the pristine wilderness and awe-inspiring vistas of the Shira Plateau. The journey unfolds gradually, eventually converging with other Kilimanjaro routes in the later stages. The adventure culminates in a return to Moshi, completing the memorable trek.

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Lemosho Route – 9 Days
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